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You want to manage your property efficiently and maintain total control. Fortrus offers unique products which enable this. Each application is characterized by intelligent functionality, a user-friendly dashboard, clear reporting and competitive, transparent pricing. Depending on your needs, you can choose Control-ItNoClaims or Long Term Maintenance (MOS).


As a property manager, you can subscribe to Control-It, a user-friendly online tool for operational management. You have access to our service desk, which handles complaints and maintenance notifications. When complaints and malfunction reports are generated, suppliers are contacted automatically to deal with them quickly and efficiently. The service is available 24/7/365 by phone and online via Control-It for repair, servicing and claims management. Using Control-It increases the level of service to your tenants.

Features of Control-It

  • Incident Room Service 24/7/365
  • Extensive reporting
  • Linking your own accounting system
  • Speedy handling of complaints and malfunctions
  • Up-to-date information
  • Competitive pricing
  • Increased level of service to your tenants


With NoClaims you can easily manage your real estate portfolio. It is an online management application for the registration, scheduling and monitoring of periodic checks include escalators, elevators, fire extinguishers and electrical installations. But also for evacuation drills, certifications and insurance. The tool offers real-time access to up-to-date information on the state of repair, maintenance and more. You no longer need to immediately react to complaints or notifications. This system will take care of everything! All parties involved in the management of your property can be linked to NoClaims and be granted access to a protected area.

Administration by several users and from different locations is easy to manage with NoClaims. When adapting NoClaims to your team’s needs, you determine the structure and form of collaborations with Fortrus. The services for a national retail organization need to be managed in a different way than, for example, an educational institution. NoClaims is adaptable to each specific situation.

Concise reports make it possible to find the data you need. NoClaims is ideal for streamlining your internal organization and creating measurable activities.

Would you like to use NoClaims while completely outsourcing your building management?
Not a problem. NoClaims can be set up for you at a set fee per object. We will then take over both technical and facilities management while allowing you to maintain an overview.

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Features of NoClaims

  • 24/7/365 remote management
  • Total control on legal requirements and safety
  • Real-time insight
  • Competitive pricing (fixed and variable costs)
  • Self-configurable to needs
  • Accessible from any location
  • Automated reporting
  • Multi-lingual and multi-device

Long Term Maintenance (MOS)

If you want to keep your property in optimal condition, a well-documented maintenance policy is needed. This can also void surprises and unexpected costs. With Fortrus’ Long Term Maintenance System (MOS) you have complete control of the planned and preventive maintenance of your buildings and you can keep a grip on costs, now and in the long run!

MOS is a maintenance application which allows you to determine your maintenance policy, regardless of available budget. You create a maintenance plan per object or property, in which you can manage the objectives. The system correlates the relationship between hard factors (condition before maintenance) and soft factors (perception, internal environment etc.).

Based on a physical inspection of an object, you can assign values ​​to the conditions prior to maintenance and other criteria such as level of satisfaction with amenities and utilities, indoor environment, health and safety, complaint handling and damage management as well as the impact of energy consumption and the sustainability label. You decide what gets prioritised. The application will create a priority matrix based on your optimal maintenance policy and available budget.

If it appears that your budget is insufficient, you can adjust values and create your own ideal scenario. You can also decide to increase budget to bring your objects to a higher level.

Features of MOS

  • Understanding your optimal maintenance scenario
  • Simple long-term maintenance policy formulation
  • Smart budgeting
  • Maintenance Planning for up to 40 years
  • Good overview of the financial resources needed
  • Overview of outstanding maintenance and inventory
  • Financial reports